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Technology: Via Configurable Array

  • A via configurable array, VCA for short, contains silicon proven analog and digital resources. These resources are overlaid with Triad's patented routing fabric.
  • Wafers containing VCA die are partially processed and staged at the semiconductor foundry awaiting customization.
  • Your VCA design is captured and simulated in our ViaDesigner software.
  • Your design then undergoes analog and digital synthesis and the resultant net list is sent to Triad's ViaPath place and route software.
  • ViaPath is a unique mixed-signal aware place and route tool that places a single mask layer of vias onto the VCA to configure and interconnect all of the analog and digital resources.
  • ViaPath's output, this single via mask, is sent to the semiconductor foundry for processing against the staged VCA wafers.
  • Placing a unique via-layer on a VCA configures the VCA into your custom Agile ASICTM optimized for your application.
  • Since VCA configuration requires only one mask processing step, the cost and time required to fabricate a VCA is signifinantly reduced compared to traditional full-custom ASIC development.

Agile ASICs Help You

Achieve your IC integration goals And

  • Save on development costs
  • Save on development time
  • Mitigate risk by starting with proven VCAs and IP
  • Support a wide range of production volumes
  • Satisfy your long term production means with Triad

Tools: ViaDesigner

At ViaDesigner.com, we provide you with a complete set of cloud-based design tools for the development of your own custom VCAs. There is nothing to download or install. The complete ViaDesigner Agile ASIC EDA tool suite is available on ViaDesigner.com

VCA Development Tools Available at ViaDesigner.com

  • Design Entry: Schematic Capture & HDL Entry
  • Public & Private Design Storage
  • Version Control
  • Mixed Signal Simulation
  • Synthesis (analog & digital)
  • Utiliation Reporting
  • Floor Planning
  • Mixed Signal Place & Route
  • Post Layout Verification
  • Prototype Fabrication
  • Prototype Evaluation
  • Production Release & Parts Ordering

Know-How: Agile ASIC Design Skills

You do not need to know full-custom ASIC design to become a Agile ASIC designer.

ViaDesigner is based on Design Configurable IP's. These Configurable IP's help to guide you through the selection of the appropriate design parameters for analog, digital and mixed signal blocks.

ViaDesigner.com hosts an ever-growing library of how-to articles, informative screenshots, reference designs and complete designs to help you jumpstart your Agile ASIC development.

Resources: Collaboration, Forums & IP

You can partner with others to create your Agile ASIC solution.

ViaDesigner.com is a global community of like-minded designers focused on mixed-signal integration.

Collaboration - When it comes to mixed-signal, maybe you are more analog than digital, or vice-versa. ViaDesigner.com is a collaborative environment where you can partner with other designers that compliment your skill set. You can cooperatively work on public or private projects.

A digital designer might develop the digital control and SPI interface for a Agile ASIC, while the analog designer focuses on a programmable gain section followed by an analog to digital converter. Both designers can contribute and test the design in the high-level ViaDesigner simulation environment.

Forums - The ViaDesigner.com community is here to help. Visit the forums to ask questions, post your work in progress, host design reviews and see the latest design tips and tricks.

Ask questions like:

How do I compute the FFT of a waveform?

What is the best way to generate a common-mode reference voltage?

How do I get rid of input offset voltages on my op-amp?

Should I use a SAR ADC or a Sigma-Delta ADC for my design?

IP & Reference Designs - We get pretty excited when we talk about reusable analog and mixed-signal IP. Reuse of design IP has been an elusive dream for the full-custom ASIC design community. The digital guys have been able to share IP for quite a while through the use of high-level description languages like Verilog and VHDL and digital synthesis.

ViaDesigner.com & Triad Semiconductor

ViaDesigner.com is powered by Triad Semiconductor, Inc.

ViaDesigner, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Triad Semiconductors. ViaDesigner.com is focused on making Triad's technology and tools available to you.

Triad Semiconductor is a global provider of mixed-signal integrated circuit solutions. And, Triad's unique VCA technology is enabling customers to go from concept to semiconductor profit fast.

Affordable Agile ASIC Prototyping

ViaDesigner.com provides a regularly scheduled prototyping service.

Once your design has successfully gone through the complete ViaDesigner tool flow you can release your design for prototyping. After a multi-project release to the fab, you can expect to receive your Agile ASIC prototypes in less than eight weeks.

No NRE. No tooling costs.

Prototype runs will occur about every six weeks. The "Tape-In Date" is the last date on which you can submit a design for a given prototype run

Tape-In Date Agile ASIC Delivery to Customer

Agile ASIC Evaluation

Your Agile ASIC prototype will be delivered with a Agile ASIC evaluation board pre-configured with high-quality analog and digital power routing. Analog and digital signals are brought out to easy-to-access headers to facilitate prototype evaluation.


After you are satisfied with the performance of your Agile ASIC prototype you are ready to release your design to production Unlike traditional full-cusom prototype to production release, there is no additional tooling change required. Your Agile ASICs prototypes come from production ready fabrication mask sets.